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BDS motion supporting NUS campaign against Eden Springs & Veolia passes.

Glasgow Caledonian Palestine Society are delighted to announce that despite some heated debate our BDS motion supporting the NUS campaign against Eden Springs & Veolia passed comfortably through the Student Parliament.

Despite already successfully getting Eden Springs removed from the University we felt getting an endorsement for the campaign launched with the NUS would help ongoing campaigning both within the NUS and BDS campaigns against Eden Springs elsewhere and likewise with Veolia. In terms of Veolia on our campus, they have no contract with the University at the moment but with them growing rapidly in the Glasgow area, we can also view this as a pre-emptive BDS motion, so should the tender for a contract, this motion can be then used to prevent them securing the contract.  It remains to be seen how this would work in practice but the university campus, we believe, is the ideal place for experimenting with diverse form s of BDS campaigning.

Here is the motion in full.

Motion Title: NUS Global Justice Campaign Eden Springs and Veolia.

3rd Meeting of Caledonian Voice Parliament 2011/12



a)         NUS has had a long and proud history of standing up for human rights across the world. The conflict in Palestine/Israel has been ongoing for over 60 years, and now more than ever we need to engage with human rights activists on the ground fighting for justice.

b)        That water is a natural resource essential to life and access to water is a basic human right.

c)         That the Middle East is an arid region where water is in short supply and is thus a valuable strategic resource.

d)        That the Golan Heights are sovereign Syrian territory illegally occupied by Israel in 1967 and illegally annexed in December 1981.

e)        That Eden Springs UK is wholly owned by the Israeli company Mayanot Eden which has, amongst its sources, the Salukia spring in the Golan Heights, thereby making profit by depleting illegally occupied land of a precious natural resource.

f)          That the occupation of the Golan Heights is in direct contravention of the United Nations Security Council resolutions 242 (1967), 452 (1972), 465 (1980), 471 (1980) and 497 (1981).

g)         That in 2005, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 59/33, which emphasises “the illegality of the Israeli settlement construction and other activities in the occupied Syrian Golan since 1967” and declares that “the Israeli decision of 14 December 1981 to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the occupied Syrian Golan is null and void … and calls upon Israel to rescind it”.

h)        Golan Heights land was captured by Israel in 1967, displacing over 100,000 of its inhabitants. Since this time Israel has not allowed the inhabitants to return to their villages, moving Israeli settlers into the region instead, which constitutes a breach of the Geneva Conventions.

i)           That Article 55 of the Hague Regulations limits the right of the occupying power to utilize the water sources of an occupied territory.

j)          That Article 27 of the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949 prohibits the occupying power from discriminating between residents of an occupied territory.

k)         The French company Veolia mainly deals in waste management and recycling, and operates in many local councils across Britain including services for universities’ and colleges’ waste management.

l)           Veolia has major investment in the Jerusalem Light Rail. This is a tram network that links dozens of Israeli illegal settlements in the West Bank to mainland Israel and has current extension plans. Therefore, in April 2010, the United Nations Human Rights Council specifically declared the Jerusalem Light Railway to be “in clear breach of international law”.

m)      Veolia also provides a bus services for the settlements, yet most Palestinians can only use the buses for two stops – after which they are no longer allowed on the bus due to their ethnicity.

n)        Veolia, through its subsidiary company, owns and operates the Tovlan landfill in the occupied Jordan Valley. The waste transferred to the landfill originates in recycling factories within Israel and in settlements in the West Bank. The company uses captured Palestinian land and natural resources for the needs of Israeli civilians on both sides of the green line.

  • o)        That major groups in Palestinian and International civil society have called for a boycott of Eden Springs and Veolia, and that the STUC and SCVO have supported this call and cancelled their contracts with the company.
Further Believes:
a)      That Israel’s policies of water distribution in the Golan Heights, and throughout lands occupied by her, discriminated between the residents on racial grounds are thus in contravention of Article 27 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

b)      That the Israeli company ‘Mayanot Eden’ acts in contravention of Article 55 of the Hague Regulations by privatising water belonging to an occupied people.

c)       That the French company ‘Veolia’ is in breach of UN International law due to its investment with Israel by using land in an occupied territory for the sole benefit of its own civilian population and, thus, the company may be complicit in Israel’s alleged violations of international law.

d)      That a consumer boycott is a peaceful and effective method of attacking a company, affecting both its profits and its reputation and encouraging it to adopt more ethical policies.

e)      That a consumer boycott is a valuable and legal method of actively defending ethical buying policies and exercising consumer rights.

f)       That consumer boycotts have in the past been effective as a means of non-violent civil protest against states that abuse human rights and disregard international law.

g)      The principal of Glasgow Caledonian University is to “comply both with the letter and the spirit of domestic and international legal requirements, pertinent to the University’s business.”

h)      To support NUS Global Justice campaign against Eden Springs and Veolia official GCUSA policy.

i)        Eden Springs and Veolia are two companies in violation of international law and their activities in land illegally occupied by Israel since 1967are hindering attempts at achieving a just and peaceful solution to Israel/Palestine issue (see above).

j)        In the principals of human rights, global justice and ethical procurement GCUSA will endeavour to ensure that GCU does not award any contract with either company.

k)      That student bodies have a responsibility to and proud history of upholding the highest standards of ethical investment on their respective campuses – From the international struggle against South African Apartheid, to the campaigns of the mid nineties to divest from corporations which utilise sweatshop practices and current NUS policy against Coors for its links to homophobic organisations.

l)        That in the case of Eden Springs; GCUSA’s longstanding policy for divestment from Eden Springs made it one of the first and now amongst the many to take this principled position.

m)    That GCU currently has no contracts with Eden Springs and Veoila but that any potential awarding of a contract to Veolia could bring the university into disrepute.

a)      That GCU currently has no contracts with Eden Springs and Veoila but that any potential awarding of future contracts with Eden Springs or Veolia could bring the university into disrepute.

b)      To act in the spirit of the NUS Global Justice Campaign statement by;

i.            Reaffirming GCUSA’s current commitment to ensuring that GCU has no future links with Eden Springs

ii.            Affirming a similar commitment to ensuring non association between GCU and Veoila.


Scottish TUC delegates join Palestine freedom struggle – unanimously!

Historic motion in support of Palestine mentions the work we and the network of student Palestine activists have been doing to support the Palestinians!

The delegates to the Annual Conference of the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), the umbrella group for every trade union in Scotland, today voted unanimously and repeatedly against Israeli apartheid. The 450 delegates voted to:

  • campaign to expose the role of the racist JNF (Jewish National Fund) in the Israeli apartheid system
  • support the participants in the Welcome to Palestine initiative who tried to travel peacefully to Palestine via Tel Aviv Airport
  • fully support the Palestinian-Brazilian call for the World Social Forum-Free Palestine in Brazil in November
  • support the Palestinian hunger strikers and the work of Addameer, the Palestinian prisoner support organisation.


Congress delegates congratulated the students for their work organising Israeli Apartheid Week 2012 events, who initiated action in support of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike and called for support for the Scottish demonstration this Saturday 28th April in Edinburgh.

These decisions of the Scottish TUC in support of the Palestinian freedom struggle, by a union confederation representing half a million organised workers in every sector of the economy, will be widely seen as a continuation of the international solidarity the STUC also provided to the liberation struggle in South Africa. Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city, named a city centre street after Mandela in 1986 while he was still on Robben Island. How long till there is a Palestine Square or Palestine Street in our major cities?

The full text of the resolutions – all passed unanimously – is given below.

The Jewish National Fund

That this Congress notes that the Jewish National Fund acquisition and control of land in Israel and the occupied territories actively discriminates against Palestinians.

Congress calls on the General Council to:

  • endorse the international call for action against the Jewish National Fund;
  • campaign to expose the role of the Jewish National Fund in the oppression of Palestinians; and
  • campaign to have the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund revoked.

(Mover: Midlothian TUC)


Emergency Motion – Palestine


  • notes that despite prisoner releases, over 4,600 Palestinian political prisoners remain in detention, including 203 children.
  • applauds the steadfastness of 1,200 Palestinian political prisoners who began an open-ended hunger strike on 17 April to protest against ‘administrative detention’, where detainees are held without charge or trial for up to six months and which can be renewed repeatedly.
  • congratulates the student Palestine solidarity network for organising the biggest ever ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ of educational and solidarity events and for their mobilisation across Scotland in support of Palestinian political prisoners.
  • believes that the engagement of students, trade unionists and others with Palestinian civil society can only strengthen the current human-rights based approach to Palestinian self-determination and is essential to building a future of peace and democracy in the Middle East.
  • therefore welcomes the January call by the Palestinian National Committee and the Brazilian National preparatory committee for the 2012 ‘World Social Forum: Free Palestine’ to be held at Porto Alegre, Brazil in November. Conference believes that this “Global Meeting of Solidarity with Palestine” will underline the strength and diversity of the support for the Palestinian call for justice.
  • therefore instructs the General Council to:
    • Support the work of Addameer, Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, by distributing information and updates to affiliates and by supporting appeals for action where appropriate;
    • Endorse the Scottish demonstration, called by students in support Palestinian political prisoners and the hunger strikers, taking place in Edinburgh on Saturday 28th April;
    • Endorse the WSF Free Palestine as part of the internationalist activities promoted by the STUC and fully support the appeal from the Secretariat of the Palestinian National Committee for the World Social Forum “Free Palestine” to mobilise the Scottish trade union movement towards WSF Free Palestine.

(Mover: Dundee Trades Union Council)
Emergency Motion – ‘Welcome to Palestine 2012’

This Congress notes that there is no way into the Occupied Palestinian territories except through Israeli controlled airports or checkpoints.

Congress applauds the ‘Welcome to Palestine 2012’ initiative which highlighted Israel’s oppressive and abhorrent policy of restricting free and unopposed movement to, from and within the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Congress condemns:

  • the actions of the Israeli government in blacklisting activists from around the world and denying them access to the Palestinian territories.
  • the detention of those activists who reached Tel Aviv wishing to visit Bethlehem at the invitation of the Mayor in order to attend the launch of an educational project to build new schools.
  • Congress asks the General Council to call upon the Israeli government:
    • to allow unrestricted passage to and from the Occupied Palestinian Territories for those wishing to visit.
    • to end the continued, illegal siege by air, land and sea of the Palestinian Territories.

(Mover: Midlothian TUC)


That this Congress applauds the successful delivery of humanitarian aid by the Scottish FBU to the Nablus Municipality Fire Department. Congress calls for continued trade union support for Palestinian projects, and for the exploration of a Scottish Trade Union Palestinian Support Group, and report back to Congress in 2013 any progress on this matter.

(Mover: Fire Brigades Union)

**EMERGENCY DEMO** Support Hana Shalabi! Support the Palestinian Hunger Strikers!

** EMERGENCY DEMONSTRATION: George Square, Glasgow 4pm Saturday 24th march**

عاجل. ادعم هناء شلبي. ادعم اضراب الفلسطنين عن الطعام


*Please invite comrades and friends and spread the word*

ASSEMBLE GEORGE SQUARE at 4PM to march to BBC SCOTLAND Headquarters at Pacific Quay.

All of the University Palestinian societies in Scotland, with support from various other organisations (all listed below) have called for a mass demonstration on Saturday to protest the continued detention of Hana Shalabi and all the other Palestinian prisoners.

We will march from George Square to the BBC Scotland Headquarters to protest the complicity of the mainstream media through their refusal to report on the hunger strike of Hana and 25 other prisoners.

Hana Al-Shalabi like some 300 Palestinians is being held under arbitrary ‘administrative detention’, which allows Israel to hold Palestinians without charges or recourse to a trial.Hana was arrested on February 16th and immediately began a hunger strike, after 33 days her health is deteriorating and she can no longer stand, 25 other prisoners and Hana’s elderly parents have since joined the hunger strike and all the while the Western media stays silent.
It took almost 50 days for Khader Adnan’s hunger strike to receive the limited coverage it received here in the UK and we must take the streets of Glasgow to show that we will not accept or be party to this wall of silence that we will not let Hana and the others die in silence.

The BBC has a woeful record in covering the Palestinian issue and we will marching down to the BBC building to hand-in a letter of complaint and an appeal to them and all media outlets to give this story the coverage it deserves.

Students in Scotland led the way in calling for a Global Hunger Strike day of action on Friday 16th March, which saw hundreds worldwide fasting for one day in solidarity.
To keep the momentum and to do our very best to raise awareness students will be joining the rolling hunger strike called by Glasgow University Palestine Society which began on Saturday 17th March. One person has been fasting for 24 hours to be replaced by someone else the next day and will continue as long as Hana Shalabi remains on hunger strike. Saturday’s demonstration will also to be to mark week #1.

Silence is complicity, we refuse to be silent, join us and help make the message from Scotland loud and clear:

“No to arbitrary detention, Freedom for Hana Shalabi, Freedom for all the prisoners, Freedom for Palestine”

Called by: 

Glasgow University Palestine Society

Dundee University Action Palestine

Glasgow Caledonian University Palestine Society

Edinburgh University Student for Justice in Palestine

Supported by:

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Glasgow Human Rights for Palestine Campaign

International Socialist Group (Scotland)

Scottish Socialist Youth

Stop the War Coalition (Scotland)

Socialist Workers Party

Boycott From Within (Israel)

General Union of Palestinian Students

Youth Against Settlements (Hebron, Palestine)

Scottish Friends of Palestine

Friends of Al Aqsa

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network (Canada)

“تظاهرة طارئة” دعماً لهناء شلبي و الأسرى الفلسطينيين المضربين عن الطعام.
ستنطلق المسيرة يوم السبت الساعة4:00 عصرا من أمام ميدان جورج في مدينة غلاسكو بتاريخ: 24 آذار 2012
” يرجى دعوة الرفاق والأصدقاء، ونشر الفعالية”
سيكون التجمع في ميدان جورج الساعة 4:00 للسير في مظاهرة إلى مقر هيئة الإذاعة البريطانية “بي بي سي” في اسكتلندا..

تدعوا جميع جمعيات فلسطين في جامعات اسكتلندا، وبدعم من منظمات مختلفة (المذكورة أدناه) للمشاركة في مظاهرة حاشدة يوم السبت احتجاجا على استمرار اعتقال هناء شلبي وجميع الأسرى السياسيين الفلسطينيين..

ستتجه المسيرة من ميدان جورج إلى مقر “بي بي سي” في اسكتلندا، للاحتجاج على تواطؤ وسائل الإعلام الرئيسية من خلال رفضهم تقديم أي تقرير عن إضراب الطعام الذي تخوضه هناء شلبي و 25 آخرون من الأسرى السياسيين الفلسطينيين.
هناء الشلبي مثلها كمثل 300 أسير فلسطيني يقبعون تحت “الاعتقال الإداري” التعسفي، هذا القانون الذي يسمح لإسرائيل اعتقال الفلسطينيين دون تقديم أي تهم أو محاكمة. اعتقلت هناء الشلبي يوم 16 شباط وعلى الفور بدأت إضرابا عن الطعام، بعد 33 يوما صحتها آخذة في التدهور، حيث أنها لم تعد قادرة على الوقوف، حيث انضم إليها 25 أسيرا آخرين وبعض الآباء والأمهات المسنين بإضرابهم عن الطعام منذ أن بدئت هناء إضرابها ، في حين تبقى جميع وسائل الإعلام الغربية صامتة.
استغرق الأمر ما يقرب من 50 يوما من الإضراب عن الطعام الذي خاضه خضر عدنان و الذي حصل على التغطية الإعلامية المحدودة في المملكة المتحدة، فمن واجبنا النزول إلى الشوارع في غلاسكو لإظهار أننا لن نقبل أن نكون طرفا في جدار الصمت، .و أننا لن نسمح أن تموت هناء و الأسرى الآخرين في صمت

“بي بي سي” لديها دور بائس في تغطية القضية الفلسطينية، حيث سنسير في مظاهرة إلى مبنى هيئة الإذاعة البريطانية في رسالة شكوى ونداء لهم نسلمهم إياها، وجميع وسائل الإعلام لإعطاء هذه القضية التغطية التي تستحقها.

ففي دعوى من الطلاب في اسكتلندا لتنظيم اليوم العالمي للإضراب عن الطعام في يوم الجمعة 16 آذار، و الذي شهد مئات ممن تضامنوا بالإضراب عن الطعام ليوم واحد.
أننا نسعى للحفاظ على الحراك حيث نبذل قصارى جهدنا لرفع الوعي لدى الطلاب ، فا في الإضراب المتداول عن الطعام الذي دعت له جمعية فلسطين في جامعة غلاسكو و الذي بدأ يوم السبت17 آذار ، بخوض شخص واحد إضرابا عن الطعام لمدة 24 ساعة، ليأخذ مكانه شخص أخر في اليوم التالي. حيث انه سوف يستمر هذا الإضراب ما دامت هناء شلبي مستمرة بإضرابها عن الطعام.

الصمت هو تواطؤ، ونحن نرفض أن نكون صامتين، انضموا ألينا وساعدوا أن يكون للرسالة من اسكتلندا صوت عاليا وواضحا.

“لا للاعتقال التعسفي، الحرية لهناء شلبي، الحرية لجميع الأسرى، الحرية لفلسطين

:الدعوة من قبل

جمعية فلسطين جامعة غلاسكو

العمل لفلسطين جامعة دندي

جامعة كاليدونيا غلاسكو جمعية فلسطين

طلاب من أجل العدالة في فلسطين جامعة ادن برا

:بدعم من

حملة التضامن الاسكتلندية مع فلسطين

حقوق الإنسان غلاسكو حملة فلسطين

(المجموعة الاشتراكية الدولية (اسكتلندا

الشباب الاشتراكي الاسكتلندي

(تحالف أوقفوا الحرب (اسكتلندا

حزب العمال الاشتراكي

من الداخل نقاطع

الاتحاد العام لطلبة فلسطين

(شباب ضد الاستيطان (الخليل، فلسطين

Rolling hunger strike for Hana Shalabi & 23 other Palestinian hunger strikers begun by Glasgow Uni PalSoc

Glasgow Uni Palsoc, in conjunction with  Palestine Societies across Scotland, have organised a rolling solidarity hunger strike for Hana al-Shalabi.

The hunger strike began on Saturday 17th March 2012, following the Global Hunger Strike the day before.  This means that we will have a relay of people fasting for 24hours each until the end of Hana’s strike. So for every day of Hana al-Shalabi’s strike, someone somewhere will be fasting in solidarity.

Each day, the person fasting for 24 hours will write something for the blog (see links below).

Thank you all for your support, together we can do anything.”

This has now gone global! Free Hana Shalabi !


Tomorrow members of Glasgow Caley Palestine Society will be joining the Global Hunger Strike in solidarity with Hana Al-Shalabi.

Hana is on her 27th day of hunger strike against her arbitary ‘administrative detention’ (no charges,no trial).

For justice not only for herself but for the 300 or so fellow prisoners held without charges she is putting her health and life on the line and we are joining this initiative to ensure that she does not die in silence.

Hana’s family now know of this action and give it their full support!

اضراب عالمي عن الطعام تضامنا مع الاسيرة هناء الشلبي- الجمعة 16 اذار 2012

اسمي (   ) من (  ) ساقوم بالانضمام الى الاضراب العالمي عن الطعام يوم الجمعة 16 اذار تضامنا مع هناء الشلبي

ناشطون وناشطات حول العالم انضموا لنداء “طلاب من اجل العدالة- ادنبورغ” للإضراب عن الطعام تضامنا مع اضراب الاسيرة (الادارية) الفلسطينية هناء الشلبي
اضراب عام في…

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Glasgow Solidarity with Khader Adnan

Yesterday and at very short notice the Glasgow Caledonian Palestine Society organised a very last minute but decent event in the city of Glasgow in response to call for a global day of action as the brave Khader Adnan reached 59 days of his hunger strike. Activists from the Univerity of Glasgow Palestine Society arrived and with other students and supporters of Palestinian rights we assembled at the steps of the Royal Concert Hall on Glasgow’s main shopping precint, Buchanan Street at 5pm.

Holding up placards of Khader and handing out hundreds of leaflets about Khader’s struggle we were able to inform the public not just about the Israeli occupation cruel treatment of Khader Adnan but the system of ‘administrative detention’ thus informing them the glaring chinks in the liberal democratic facade of the Israeli apartheid state.

As we await with dread and worry news of Khader Adnan’s condition, we condemn the inhumane and cruel Israeli system and salute the bravery and sumud of Khader Adnan as he stands up to injustice with the only weapons left to him, his health, his body and sadly, all too likely his life.

#GlobalHungerStrike in Solidarity with Hana Shalabi

Tomorrow members of Glasgow Caley Palestine Society will be joining the Global Hunger Strike in solidarity with Hana Al-Shalabi.

Hana is on her 27th day of hunger strike against her arbitary ‘administrative detention’ (no charges,no trial).

For justice not only for herself but for the 300 or so fellow prisoners held without charges she is putting her health and life on the line and we are joining this initiative to ensure that she does not die in silence.

Hana’s family now know of this action and give it their full support!

اضراب عالمي عن الطعام تضامنا مع الاسيرة هناء الشلبي- الجمعة 16 اذار 2012

اسمي (   ) من (  ) ساقوم بالانضمام الى الاضراب العالمي عن الطعام يوم الجمعة 16 اذار تضامنا مع هناء الشلبي

ناشطون وناشطات حول العالم انضموا لنداء “طلاب من اجل العدالة- ادنبورغ” للإضراب عن الطعام تضامنا مع اضراب الاسيرة (الادارية) الفلسطينية هناء الشلبي
اضراب عام في كل مكان، من الساعة السابعة صباحا وحتى السابعة مساء، يوم الجمعة 16 اذار تضامنا مع الاسيرة الفلسطينية هناء الشلبي. هذه فرصة لإثارة قضية هناء الشلبي وجميع الاسرى الفلسطينيين ولعمل انشطة توعوية حول الموضوع.

هناء الشلبي تدخل يومها التاسع والعشرين من الاضراب المفتوح عن الطعام، وذلك احتجاجا على العنف والإهانة المتواصلين من قبل قوات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي منذ اعتقالها وأسرها اداريا، والذي كان بتاريخ 16 شباط.
اجراءات الاعتقال الاداري تمنح جيش الاحتلال الصلاحية باحتجاز الفلسطينيين وفقا لأدلة سرية دون تقديم لوائح اتهام بحقهم أو محاكمتهم. القانون العسكري يمنح القادة العسكريين الصلاحية، وفقا لأي ذريعة امنية، باعتقال الفلسطيني\ة لفترة زمنية تصل الى 6 اشهر (مع تمديد هذه الفترة دون تحديد). في اغلب الاحيان يتم تجديد الاعتقال قبل أو في ذات اليوم الذي من المفترض ان تنتهي به فترة الاعتقال (6 اشهر).
الرجاء المشاركة على المدوّنات، الفيسبوك وتويتر:
اسمي (  ) من (   ) سأقوم بالانضمام الى الاضراب العالمي عن الطعام يوم الجمعة 16 اذار تضامنا مع هناء الشلبي


Ηana al-Shalabi βρίσκεται ήδη στη 27η μέρα απεργίας πείνας διαμρτυρόμενη για την βίαιη και εξευτελιστική απέναντί της στάση του ισραηλινού στρατού κατά τη διάρκεια της σύλληψής της στις 16 Φεβρουαρίου αλλά και της κράτησής της που διαρκεί… μέχρι και σήμερα. Ο τρόπος σύλληψης και κράτησης αυτός επιτρέπει στον ισραηλινό στρατό να κρατά Παλαιστινίους χωρίς να αποκαλύπτει στοιχεία, χωρίς κατηγορητήριο και χωρίς να τους επιτρέπει να πάνε σε δίκη. Ο στρατιωτικός νόμος επιτρέπει στις στρατιωτικές αρχές να κρατούν Παλαιστινίους για ένα εξάμηνο επικαλούμενοι λόγους ασφαλείας, το οποίο ανανεώνεται συνήθως τη μέρα που το προηγούμενο έξάμηνο κράτησης λήγει. Η διαδικασία αυτή μπορεί και συνήθως συνεχίζεται επ’αόριστον. Το Edinburgh University SJP καλεί σε συντονισμένη νηστεία παντού την Παρασκευή 16 Μαρτίου από τις 7 πμ μέχρι τις 7 μμ ώς κίνηση αλληλεγγύης απέναντι στην κρατούμενη απεργό πείνας Hana al-Shalabi. Είναι μία ευκαιρία να γνωστοποιήσουμε την περίπτωση της Ηana και όλων των Παλαιστινίων κρατουμένων. Παρακαλούμε γράψτε από κάτω από ποιό μέρος παίρνετε μέρος στη νηστεία αλληλεγγύης!!!!!!

Huelga de hambre global #globalHungerStrike en solidaridad con #HanaShalabi Viernes, 16 de Marzo de 2012 Huelga de hambre global en solidaridad con #HanaShalabi Viernes, 16 de Marzo de 2012 Me llamo (  nombre  ) soy ( nacionalidad ) quiero unirme a #GlobalHungerStrike Fri 16March in Solidarity with #HanaShalabi. (#HuelgadeHambreGlobal Viernes 16 de Marzo en solidaridad con #HanaShalabi). Activistas de todo el mundo se han hunido a la urgente llamada del Edinburgh Sjp (Estudiantes por la Justicia en Palestina, Universidad de Edimburgo) en solidaridad con la palestina Hana Al-Shalabi, en huelga de hambre. El objetivo es coordinarnos en una huelga de hambre a nivel mundial el viernes 16 de marzo desde las 7 de la mañana hasta las 7 de la noch, en solidaridad con la prisionera palestina Hana al-Shalabi. Esta es una oportunidad para poner de relieve el caso de Hana y de todos los prisioneros palestinos, así como sensibilizar sobre este problema. Hana al-Shalabi declaró su intención de realizar una huelga de hambre indefinida. Hoy ha alcanzado el día 29 en su protesta por los tratos violentos y degradantes cometidos por las fuerzas israelíes durante su arresto y detención administrativa, la cual empezó el 16 de febrero de este año. Los procedimientos de detención administrativa actuales, permiten al ejército israelí mantener a los palestinos acusados con evidencias secretas, sin acusarlos o sin permitirles ir a juicio. La ley militar empodera a los comandos militares para detener a los palestinos hasta periodos de seis meses, renovables por motivos de seguridad. Habitualmente, justo antes de su expiración, se renueva la orden. Este proceso, a menudo, continúa indefinidamente. Porfavor, compartid, publicad en vuestros blogs y facebook, y retwitear.

Join the this solidarity action. 7am-7pm tomorrow, Friday 16th March, 2012.

Edinburgh University Students for Justine in Palestine Facebook event:

Read about Hana Shalabi: Adameer:

Message for Hana’s mother:

Twitter: #GlobalHungerStrike #HanaShalabi. tweet following (fill in the blanks)  My name is () I am from () and I will be joining the #GlobalHungerStrike Fri 16 March in solidarity with #HanaShalabi

제 이름은 Safia 입니다. 저는 영국에서 왔고 내일 #HanaShalabi와 함께하는 세계단식투쟁에 참가할 것입니다

我的名字是( )。我来自( ),我将加入#全球绝食行动声援#HanaShalabi

Ich bin ___ von _____  und ich werde den global Hungerstreik mitmachen. am Freitag 16 März 2012 in Solidarität mit #HanaShalabi #GlobalHungerStrike

Je m’appelle ( ). Je viens de ( ) et je vais joindre #GlobalHungerStrike demain en solidarité avec #HanaShalabi.

اضراب عالمي عن الطعام تضامنا مع الاسيرة هناء الشلبي- الجمعة 16 اذار 2012  #GlobalHungerStrike

שמי אורי ואני מישראל ואני אשתתף בשביתת הרעב העולמית ביום שישי 16 במרץ #GlobalHungerStrike‪‏ ‎‬#HanaShalabi‪  2012 לאות סולידריות עם הנאא’ שלבי.

Tweet/RT #GlobalHungerStrike at 8pm GMT, 10pm Palestine time to make it trend globally!

Free Hana Shalabi

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