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BDS Victory against Eden Springs

October 31, 2011

Glasgow Caledonian Palestine Society are delighted that Eden
Springs no longer provide water anywhere on our campus.

Mayanot Eden (The Israeli parent company of Eden Springs UK)
extract water from the Salukia spring and bottle in the illegal Israeli settlement
of Katzrin, both in the illegally occupied Syrian Golan Heights. That Eden Springs UK and Eden Europe provide locally sourced
treated water in no way absolves them of the crimes of the parent company and
for us they are the same company.

As an Israeli company, even if it was not involved in these
terrible crimes, Eden Springs must, we believe, be boycotted and divested from
under the precepts of the Palestinian civil society call for Boycott,
Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it adheres to International
law by: Ending the Occupation of all Arab lands & dismantling the Apartheid
Wall, Granting full and equal rights to Palestinians in Israel and acknowledging
and facilitating the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees under UN
resolution 194.

We view this not only from the perspective of the crimes
against the Golani Syrians or the principles of BDS but the dual, often
inter-connected impact of illegal settlements and Israeli control of vital
water resources on the life of Palestinians (in terms of water) the Gaza Strip
and the West Bank. Every time we saw that Eden Springs logo we would think of
Palestinian Bedouins in the Jordan Valley clinging to survival in absence of
water re-routed to the settlements, our friends in Aida Refugee camp going
weeks or months without water and the situation we are aware of in Gaza.

Statement from student president:

I am delighted to see that the hard work and diligence
of both students and University staff has led to the removal of Eden Springs
from the GCU campus. The campaign began in the 2007-08 Academic Session when
students introduced the motion to Student Parliament, effectively mandating the
Executive Committee to put pressure on the University to cancel its contract
with Eden Springs for the supply of drinking water and coolers. Since then successive
Executive Committees and the Palestine Society have been lobbying for the
removal of the supplier whose Israeli parent company, Mayanot Eden markets and
distributes the water from the Golan Heights, an area of Syria, illegally
occupied by Israel since 1967 and move to more environmentally sustainable
piped-in water. The success of this campaign demonstrates the deep commitment
of GCU students and staff to global justice, ethical procurement and environmental

Matte Andrews

Student President

Glasgow Caledonian University

We thank Matte for his statement and would add thanks to his
predecessor, who on the back of the occupation of nearby Strathclyde Uni during the Gaza massacre (from which they got rid of Eden Springs) got a motion through parliament to get Eden out of the Student Association building with immediate effect as well as to campaign for campus-wide removal. We’d also thank last terms president for keeping this going and giving some legitimacy,
if you like, to the Palestine Societies campaigning.

John Bennett

President: and on behalf of:

Glasgow Caledonian University Palestine Society


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